March 16, 2007

Is it emo, scream-o, or none of the above?

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Last week, I said that we'd talk about knitting last week. And I so totally lied.

Instead, we talked about concerts, and more specifically, the Taking Back Sunday concert I attended on Wednesday (which in turn prompted our podcasting on Thursday, a day later than was intended).

Specifically, I talked about how TBS and FOB have a song that has an eerily similar chorus riff, and I sang it very badly. Good thing Josh threw in the choruses, so that you could hear what I was talking about.

Josh is pretty quiet on this one, which is just the way he likes it. We talked about twitter and how I'm creepily addicted. I'm shocked that I haven't twittered once today, but there's still time left ;)

Josh also lets us in on a little happy secret, and well, how awesome he is. In case you didn't know, the piano intro is played by Josh. And it's a Fall Out Boy song. He's so awesome.

Next week, Rich is going to tell us about his new project. And we're still waiting for audio comments. Because we're so terribly bad at starting up the podcast with a topic we can get into.

We might just return to books next week, if I ever finish Ulysses.

March 9, 2007

We <3 Chuck

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As it turns out, we're not very good at staying on topic.

We started the podcast thinking "oh, half hour, tops" and a subject we both like: Chuck Palahniuk, and his books. After all, Chuck is a one-name author in these parts (such as "Have you read Chuck's latest book?"), and it our deep-seated belief that he is a genre unto himself.

The problem with starting on a topic such as books--even if we thought we could limit it to one author--is that these are books we're talking about. And I'm an English major. And we both love to read.

This leads to digressions, obviously. Somehow, I managed to bring up Middlesex by Jeffrey Eugenides Lord of the Rings, I am Charlotte Simmons by Tom Wolfe, numerous other books that somehow seemed fitting, and a vague mention of Stephen King, Ray Bradbury, and George Orwell.

Moving off topic as usual, we cover just how sexy it is that Josh can speak latin (and oh, how I wish I too could understand latin). And he tries to explain the difference between nuclear fission and nuclear fusion

We are trying to work through our growing pains. Josh, as usual sounds awesome, while occasionally I'm more echo-ee than a seemingly empty girls bathroom when the girl you're trashing on is hidden in the stall.

Next week we're talking about knitting, unless someone leaves us an audio comment to give us something to think about. So, comment!

And, thank you everyone for your love and support! (is it too early for crap like this?) Josh said we had over 24 listens of the last podcast, which I believe is more listens than my other podcast got for all four episodes together. Which means, of course, that everyone is hear to listen to Josh. I'll try to let him talk more next time. And no. I have no...

Edit: I have no idea where I was going with that last sentence. That thought has been lost to eternity.

March 2, 2007

The Inaugural Bash

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It's our first podcast, and we're pulling out all the stops. Because, really, the only stop was the lack of a headset all the way around.

After a brief warmup, Josh and I jumped right in to our first podcast. We talked about how we first met (omg, has it been a year already?), a little self info on the both of us, and why we decided that the world needs another podcast (because it us, and we're awesome).

We thought we'd attempt to talk about living with our parents, but that didn't quite work out because we totally side-tracked into our first memories of the internets. That's really how stuff with us goes--we set a goal to reach, and then get lost on a tangent that never brings us back to the original point. Such is life with the two of us.

There was a lot of name dropping throughout the podcast. The most namedropping ever done, I think, where the names were people that we think of as celebrity bloggers, even though the rest of the world may not see it that way. But then again, the rest of the world isn't as good as us.

  • Kristin (Kristen Pishdadi)--known for her photography and her design skills. Also a steady fixture in #9rules

  • Erin--bestest internet girlfriend of lisa[1]

  • Zanzaban (Nick Oder)--former stedy fixture of #9rules; internet boyfriend of lisa[1]

  • Bryan Veloso--Lifesaver extrordinare; current host of lisa[1]'s personal blog.

  • Nostrich (Richard Dunlop-Walters)--the first line of the British IRC defence; also Erin's internet boyfriend.

  • Stammy (Paul Stamatiou)--Digg whore. Enough said.

  • Gomeler (Chris Morrell)--Stammy's roommate at Georgia Tech, my personal favorite of the two :)

  • Kyle Neath--At Christmas, Kyle is the closest person from lisa[1] in real life. They grew up less than 20 miles from one another, and didn't meet until IRC.

  • Chris Rhee--Words cannot express the wonder that is Chris Rhee.

  • Undersigned (Thomas Silkj√¶r)--We love the Danish. Enough said.

  • Rockstr (Bryan Culver)--The most awesome of the jailbait. His designs are to die for.

  • Fishy (Steven Campbell)--Youngest of the IRC crew, sometimes you forget he's only 14.

  • Nyxsis--Ragnorok server for the world. Or just really cool people.

  • Markomni (Mark Ordonez)--the genious behind our podcast title. We would be just another nameless wonder without him.

  • Cas--the creative genious behind our tagline. No wonder we love it--she's British.

  • Tyme White--Community Director for 9rules, the reason why we wake up in the morning.

  • Danny Daniel Nicholas)-- The only photographer on the west coast that makes me contemplate a plane flight just to get a portrait taken.

  • Josue Salazar--Making us all jelouse of his beautiful home in Costa Rica. We would kill for his life.

  • Michelle--lisa[1]'s internal monolog, personified. I didn't know the voices in your head sometimes had a real body attached.

  • Binary Bonsai-- Home of Michael Heilemann, the creator of K2.

  • K2 Forums-- Where we met!!

I think that in the next podcast, we need to not talk about as many people. I really hate getting all the links together :p .